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  • I love your plates I've had RPR and Duncan's rip on me, I bought a second hand one of your collars from a mate and it won't die.

Good pig we caught. Mates plates didn't hold up so well (not a Bark'n For Bacon one). But the quality one u have provided me worked a treat :)

thanks heaps. Simon Watson


  • Hi Levi and Rachel thank you for making the two breast plats they look great and fit great. Regards Emma Starr and Craig Buckley. Will be ordering 2 more plates very soon.



       Hey guys just letting use know I got my collar today and I am very happy with it.

        Tyson Greenough







iv been running your plates now for just under 2 years n swear by them my one has not had a easy life getting a flogging n still holds up good with about 1200 pigs since then i have not had one plate that has been able to withstand the work that your plates can so I'm a big fan n going to be plating all my dogs in one cheers guys!





  • me adam and dad are happy with the plates ill have to think about getting some more for some of the other dogs pretty soon the dogs aren’t getting injured and have lifted their game a bit and there starting to go out a long way catching the bigger tusky fellas. Elliott.


  • Cheers for the gps covers, received them within a week of ordering them, christened them the next day with a 101kg boar and two good sows. Emile.


  • Hi levi & rachel, I had you guys make me a neck plate up a couple of months ago and it fits like a glove great plate and offers the perfect amount of protection for trigg! Brett.


  • Thanks heaps guys! The plate you sent me looks and fits great...realy well made and looks tough. Will flick you a pic when i get a good boar. Cheers mick.


  • Thank you for making the sheaths. I am very happy with the quality and I will be very happy to return my business to you next time. cheers Jacob.


  • Thank you for the breast plate. it just came in today fits him good. going away in one and a half weeks ill send some photos when i get back end of next month cheers billy.


  • Hi levi & Rachel, I ordered a new breast plate from you guys the other day, like i said i would send in a photo of the first pig my bull arab bitch daisey got with it on. a nice little boar, thanks heaps very happy with my new breast plate. daisey had plenty of movement with room to breath & still have plenty of protection. One of my mates from work got me onto your plates & the blokes whom i hunt with where impressed with it as well, keep up the good work. Thanks heaps, Jason.


  • Hi levi, Got that cover today looks a lot tougher in real life than in a photo. Very happy with it mate and giving them a run on the weekend. When I get more collars will have to get incontact with you for more. Thanks Rob


  • thanks for the plate fits and will work grt !!! Peter


  • hey levi, your dvd was awesome mate! plenty of pigs caught with good ivory,thats the go. I have been doing a bit myself but i only have a young bitch that is really good on sight but still learning with her nose. its hard around inverell cause the country i chase is pretty rugged and thick but its good fun and i go every chance i get, Nathan.


  • Cheers for puting my pics up on your page happy with the outcome the collar works well got a few tusky boars since and none have inflicted any damage geting a bit of shit about the bikini flaps though went hunting from the tinnie on the weekend chasing pigs stuck on isolated islands cut of from flood water good fun didnt have to run to far. caught one good boar did a fair bit of damage to old mates little bitch i told him to make a purchase heres a pic of that pig amazing grinders push out above the tusks.


  • Hi Rachel, Yes I received the items and I am happy with them. I May be looking to purchase additional items soon. Thanks Again, George.


  • Hey Levi,I got ingham rural to order me in one of your neck plates for when i run my arab in the cane. It proved to be way better with the dog working quicker and getting no where near as hot. Took him for his first run in it friday arvo and he got this 125kg boar himself. Didnt get any rips either which i was very happy with. Been looking for a plate like this for a while now and will get another one for my other arab as well. Thanks Matt.


  • Hi Levi, recieved collar early last week. collar fits fine .took him yesterday and he seamed to run cleanly with it.. thank you for making the collar so quick. very impressed, Kris.


  • Hi, The collar fits me dog perfect. I have shown a few mates n they really like it. I wil put as many people onto the website as I can. I went for a hunt this arv and it had great natural movement for the dog. Just some positive feedback for yas. Thanks Luke


  • Rachel Thats no worries. I been buying plates and selling because I dont like them but these r great.


  • hey levi got the plate its great fits well now all i gotta do is get it in with a pig thanks mate. Cheers Jake.